Success is a Journey

not a destination.

Our Vision

Our vision is to uphold a workplace built on character, integrity, and discipline. Dex & Dave Consulting, Inc. is a company established on a win-win mentality. We focus on winning for our people and winning for our clients.

Our mission is to continue this progress by creating clear solutions around systems that ensure success. At Dex & Dave our focus is to transform our team members into business leaders by teaching them transferable skills that will allow them to succeed in business and their personal lives.

By committing to a positive and constructive work environment we can then deliver solutions for our clients in the areas of consulting, sales, and marketing. Our proven systems ensure production-oriented professionals and a legacy of cost-effective results for our clients in decades to come.

Our Values


Live a life of financial freedom; it's the freedom to be who you truly are.


At DDI Consulting, Inc. we are family. We treat each other with respect and create an environment for open communication.


The execution of the ideas that holds value.


In order to build wealth, we must create value. Wealth is all about creating value to ourselves and others.

Management Team

Darryl Carter

Chief Executive Officer

Rachael - Operations Manager


Operations Manager

Carlos - Market Director

Carlos SantaMaria

Market Director, Indianapolis

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Market Director, Sacramento