Curtland Cleary

Market Director, sacramento

Curtland Cleary was born in Patterson, Louisiana. He lived there for twelve years until he moved to Hinesville, Georgia with his mother and younger brother. He attended Bradwell Institute high school from ninth grade until half of his senior year and moved back to Louisiana to finish his education. Curtland played basketball and football throughout his high school years and was named All-District in basketball for the St. Mary Parish school district. After high school, Curtland was accepted to Middle Georgia College where he studied Marketing. 

After college, Curtland continued to move back and forth from Louisiana and Georgia before he acquired a long term position in the field of marketing. He held the role for five years and had the opportunity to travel around the United States which included places such as Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, California, Utah and Colorado. Eventually, Curtland decided to settle down in Colorado to go back school and get his barber license at Empire Beauty School. Shortly after finishing school, he started working at Uppercuts Barbershop in Aurora, Colorado. While working there, Curtland also coached the youth football and basketball team for the Aurora Bears Sports Organization and the DSST Public School’s sixth and eighth grade teams. After a couple years, he and his girlfriend decided to move to Sacramento, California where they could raise their daughter, Capri Rose Cleary. Not really wanting to go back to a barbershop, Curtland decided to apply to numerous marketing positions and found his home at DDI Consulting, Inc. Being employed at DDI, he has developed his leadership and management skills and celebrated two promotions. Curtland has now obtained a senior position with the company.

Curtland’s vision is to eventually have the freedom of time and money to spend quality time with his family. His goal is to keep moving forward and growing within the company and soon become one of the top consultants in company and the nation. One day he plans to re-kindle with his passion in the hairdresser industry and open up his own barbershop called “The Business”. 

Darryl Carter

Outside of work, Darryl enjoys dirt bike riding, fishing, reading, going to the movies and simply relaxing at home