Darryl Carter

Chief Executive Officer

Darryl was born in Pasadena, Calif. Growing up he spent many of his years living across the states; from Las Vegas, Nevada to the East Coast. For some time he resided in Washington, D.C before reestablishing himself in California. He attended St. Francis High School in La Canada, Calif. and was then accepted into Cal Lutheran University where he studied Business Psychology. During his college career he played football for the school’s team where he contributed to two of the four championships they won.

After completing his studies, Darryl worked in a few sales and management positions in the retail industry. This helped him realize that he wanted more out of his working career, so he decided to leave everything and start over in hopes for a better opportunity. He found the opportunity he was searching for when he came across a sales and marketing company in October 2011. He was excited about the ability to gain new skills and develop professionally at his own pace, while being part of a growing organization. After kick-starting his career with the company, he found himself on track to becoming one of the company’s key expansion players. After three years of great learning and training he now finds himself as the CEO and Founder of DDI Consulting, Inc. 

Darryl’s personal mission is to help people just like him create a life of financial freedom. Establishing his business in 2014, it has doubled in revenue since then!  

Outside of work, Darryl enjoys dirt bike riding, fishing, reading, going to the movies and simply relaxing at home

Racheal Edney

She loves listening to music, camping, hanging out with friends at the movies or going bowling. In the near future Racheal hopes to travel different parts of the world to learn about new cultures and experience life from a different perspective. ​